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QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge 50g

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The QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Sponge puts blood-clotting power in the palm of your hand. This easy-to-use device is made from zeolite beads in a sterile, non-adherent mesh bag. You simply apply QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge over bleeding areas to speed clotting and treat injuries while waiting for advanced medical help. Each package contains one 5" x 5" (50g) QuikClot® sponge.

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  1. Quikclot sounds like an uber-styptic. review by Francisco on 11/20/2015

    There are some new things coming in the name of progress. Quikclot sounds like an uber-styptic. Best thing since Nam's medical super glue, which is small, light weight and always in my kit. Alcohol, suture kit, for the times when off and about and an injury has come up. For me, I've stitched myself 4 times, better than nothing. Though I can't say how many times I've improvised with a paper towel and a good tight wrap of duct tape to get through. It's almost as good as butterflies if it's not too ragged. Thanks for the heads up on Quikclot - a small container sounds like a good addition to the kit. I Live and Learn.

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  • Stop Bleeding
    QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Sponge uses zeolite, a common mineral, to help blood clot up to three times faster than blood on its own.
  • Safe and Effective
    Clotting beads are contained in a sterile, non-adherent mesh bag.
  • Easy to use
    The bag is easy to apply and easy to remove.


  • Group Size: 1 Person
  • Trip Duration: Multiple Days
  • Item #: 5020-0018-0