Distributors broker relationships between a buyer and companies providing products and services. If interested, we welcome you to start the process of becoming a GFA/Tender Distributor.

How to become a GFA/Tender Distributor:
  1. Establish a distributor business.
  2. Supply proof that you are a legal business and have the capacity and experience to distribute products.
  3. Submit:
    1. Download, Sign and Return our GFA/Tender Distributor Application
    2. Federal Identification Number
    3. Download, Sign and Return our Resale Tax Certificate
    4. Trade References
    5. Proof of a warehouse, showroom or storefront
  • Get to know GFA/Tender and your point of contact. Develop a working relationship; learn GFA/Tender’s purchasing process and how returns and unsold product are handled. Take the initiative to connect with GFA/Tender and stay informed about delays and manufacturing problems we may be experiencing.
  • Build your distribution business. Access to deeper discounts and a larger inventory are usually based upon the amount of revenue a distributor generates. Use local, regional and national conferences and events focused on the types of products you sell in order to find potential buyers. Build credibility by referencing company certifications, training and awards on business cards, websites and in advertising.
  • Read about the industry you distribute products for. Taking time to stay informed about regulations and economic twists and turns can help you build a strong distribution business. Look to industry associations and organizations involved in legislation to stay up-to-date.